“C’était un rendez-vous”

A film by Claude Lelouch (1976)


A Ferrari 275 GTB sounds great (hear it here):

But racing through Paris at 220km/h, it’s an incredible experience.


This short film is real, no tricks, no dubbing. French filmmaker Claude Lelouch mounted a gyro-stabilized camera to the bumper of a car (a Ferrari 275 GTB, it is claimed) as it raced through the streets of Paris. You see it all from the driver’s seat. Early summer morning, through the center of Paris, from Avenue Fochs to Sacre Coeur, at full speed, never making a stop. You’ll go through red lights, over sidewalks, one-way streets the wrong way…

When Lelouch presented the film in 1976, he was arrested to get from him the name of the driver. He never disclosed the name, and to this day it is a mystery. Speculation is on two outstanding Formula 1 drivers: Jaques Lafitte, a good friend of Lelouch, and Jacky Ickx, who owned a Ferrari of the model used in the film.

Much mystery and speculation remains about this film. And video reconstruction has been made to improve the quality. Somehow the allure of the original still makes for the best story.

Enjoy the ride!